Ronnoc1. Ah, ronnoc1. Ronnoc1 is a mysterious troper who appeared from nowhere yet knows more than he tells. Or does he? We don't know because he doesn't tell us.

Ronnoc1 fits into the following tropes:

* {{Anti-Hero}}: Either a Type III or a Type IV...We don't know because he doesn't tell us!
* {{Ascended Extra}}: He came right out of nowhere!
* {{Brainwashed and crazy}}: Not him, but he has done this to other people.
* {{Chessmaster}}/{{Card Carrying Villain}}: He knows more than he tells, so maybe we're all an {{Unwitting Pawn}} in his master plan.
* {{Chronic Backstabbing disorder}}: Both in real life and in games (online or otherwise). His psychiatrist even diagnosed him with it.
* {{Face Heel Turn}}: He pulls these a lot. Along with {{Heel Face Turn}}. He's become somewhat of a {{Face Heel Revolving Door}}.
* {{For Science}}: He had a brief working relation with a {{Mad Scientist}}. Due to his {{Chronic Backstabbing Disorder}} {{It got worse}}.
* {{Omniscient}}: He knows more than he lets on...
* {{Love makes you crazy}}/{{Love makes you evil}}: He had known love and he is who he is today.
* {{Magnificent Bastard}}: He is quite a likeable guy.
* {{More than mind control}}: Is a master of this, mixing it with garden variety {{Brainwashed and Crazy}}.
* {{Not Brainwashed}}: Due to his {{Magnificent Bastard}} nature, he can get people to {{Turn to the Dark Side}} without {{Mind Control}}.
* {{One handed Zweihander}}: He has one! We saw it!
* {{Double Reverse Quadruple Agent}}: Given. He is prone to perform both a {{Face Heel Turn}} or a {{Heel Face Turn}}.
* {{Worthy Opponent}}: He had been one to an {{Evil Overlord}} and now seeks one of his own.