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As for myself, I'm a male college student from Montana. I formerly attended the University of Montana in Missoula, but I'm a native Bozemanite, and a definite Cats fan (Cat-Griz is kind of a big deal around here), so for various reasons, I transferred to MSU-Bozeman, which I'm enjoying immensely. I got into TvTropes a while ago (February 2009), but only decided to start contributing around March 2010. I'm a history/classics major, and I enjoy all things related to Greco-Roman culture.

As far as edits I make, I generally don't create new examples for older pages; I'd rather refine someone else's work than try to stretch something that doesn't really fit. One page I have contributed a fair bit to is MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness. This is because I am a huge DeathMetal fan, and am seriously considering starting some pages for bands I'm into. So far the only one I started is for {{Atheist}}, but perhaps more will come. Most of the bands I'm really into are 8-11, but I still enjoy stuff way below those (all the way down to 1), since quality doesn't really correlate with hardness. I also try to provide balance to viewpoints that are perhaps unjustly shunned (IE while I support gun control, its opponents deserve to be heard, and not contemptuously dismissed), regardless of whether I agree with them; this is because, as a left-wing atheist, I understand what it's like to be unfairly dismissed.

Aside from the above stuff, I have fairly typical tastes for this site. My favorite film directors are Martin Scorsese, Ridley Scott, Cameron Crowe, and Christopher Nolan. I'm a huge JossWhedon fan, though my favorite show by far is {{Angel}}, which isn't the case for most people. I also love shows like TheWire, {{Community}}, RobotChicken, {{The West Wing}}, {{Supernatural}}, and MadMen. My favorite fictional book is War and Peace, and my favorite nonfictional book is the Muqaddimah. Seriously, if you've never heard of it, read the [[ Wikipedia article]], and prepare to have you mind blown. I am also a huge StarWars fan, and I enjoy the ExpandedUniverse even more than the movies. My favorite games are {{RPG}}s, J or Western (though I prefer Western, especially {{Bioware}} games), and my favorite game is {{Final Fantasy X}}, followed by {{Knights of the Old Republic}}. Besides this website, I enjoy quite a few others, but one of my favorites is [[ the AV Club]], where I have the same handle. It's a great website for top quality articles (though it does skew hipster), and the comments section is often the best part so feel free to check it out.

The one thing I forgot to include seems to be Anime. I'm not a huge fan of it, but the shows I have seen (and like) are:
* {{Dragonball}}
* {{Yu Yu Hakusho}}
* {{Cowboy Bebop}}
* {{Outlaw Star}}
* {{Full Metal Alchemist}}
* {{Berserk}}
* {{Death Note}}
* {{Spice And Wolf}}
* {{Le Chevalier Deon}}
* {{Claymore}}
* WelcomeToTheNHK
* RuneSoldierLouie
* {{Code Geass}}

Well, this seems like a good place to stop. I'll probably make a few modifications some other time, but for now, this seems like a pretty decent foundation.