Female troper general video game fangirl.
A ShrinkingViolet mostly with a small group of friends. Has [[UsefulNotes/AspergerSyndrome Asperger's Syndrome]] (diagnosed at age 8).

Favorite Books
* HisDarkMaterials
* HarryPotter
* MaximumRide
* PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians

Favorite Games
* AceAttorney
* TheLegendOfZelda
* {{Pokemon}}
* TheWorldEndsWithYou
* {{Metroid}}
* KingdomHearts

* OrderOfTheStick
* EightBitTheatre
* TheGuild
* DrHorriblesSingAlongBlog
* AnsemRetort
* ThatGuyWithTheGlasses
* {{Cracked}}

* AvatarTheLastAirbender / AvatarTheLegendOfKorra
* TeenTitans
* MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic

Responsible for FemaleFelineMaleMutt and ItIsDehumanizing and TwentyPercentMoreAwesome. Current GameMaster of [[{{Roleplay/WeAreOurAuthorAvatars}} Across Universes]].

* ...You're cool with me, if a bit odd. And, um... Sorry for that little snapping in ''Across Universes''. -{{Tropers/Etheru}}

** I'm cool. Nothing to hold a grudge over.

* Big thumbs up from me! ShiningKnight

* [[VideoGame/KingsQuestMaskOfEternity Never mind Dante; he's just trying to be helpful.]] -@/{{desdendelle}}

* Hello! Glad to see another fan of MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic! Ya don't have to answer, but favorite pony? [[Tropers/NESgamer190 NES]]

** Twilight is best pony.