Rakuen is a 21 year old anime and video game fan, natively of Illinois. He grew up playing DragonQuest and FinalFantasy for the NES, and it just kept rolling from there. Then his parents introduced him to StarTrek, which would eventually become an addiction with DeepSpace9. Shortly after he discovered {{Anime}} with the {{Toonami}} block; that was quite unfortunate as it meant he would be forced to further expand his to-do list.

Presently he is very active in the convention scene, serving as a panelist at various conventions in the Midwest, including Anime Central. He develops and records [[http://www.youtube.com/user/WhoseLineIsItAnime Whose Line is it Anime]], and also has [[http://www.youtube.com/user/RakuenPrime various convention and tournament videos]] done in his spare time.

When he's not at the conventions or working on his [[{{Geek}} Computer Science degree]], he can usually be found on AIM talking with his [[{{Nakama}} friends]]. They are his single most important treasure, and messing with them can be [[ItsPersonal hazardous to your health]].
This Troper provides examples of the following:
*AFriendInNeed - Sometimes to self-damaging extents.
*ApologisesALot - Sorry.
*BrilliantButLazy - MEH!
*TheConscience - To most of his close friends.
*GenreSavvy - Points out lots of crazy stuff, even in real life.
*{{Nakama}} - Messing with them ''will'' end badly!
*NeutralGood - Almost always.
*NeverTellMeTheOdds - Doesn't matter or doesn't care.
*NiceGuy - Always.
*PrecisionFStrike - Not quite to the extreme, but close enough.
*TheQuietOne - In groups and with strangers.
*RedemptionQuest - No comment.
*RousingSpeech - Need a pick me up? IGotYouCovered.
*SecretKeeper - The people's trust is not misplaced.
*SeinfeldianConversation - All the time with close friends.
*ThinkNothingOfIt - Really.

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Pages he's overhauled:
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