Former description: "University student who spends too much time on TV Tropes and not enough doing her homework." However, as I'm not in university any more and am now unemployed, that description has become inaccurate.

By the way, the name is POM Rania. With an M. As in 'Pomeranians', the cute fluffy dogs. (Except "Pom" is spelled with only the P capitalized. Yes, I know it's easy to misread it as something else.)

This troper is an example of the following:

* BerserkButton
* ChaoticNeutral
* ForTheLulz
* HatesBeingTouched
* NightmareFetishist: As long as it isn't about bugs or dentistry, I will find it cool.
* SunglassesAtNight

Works this troper enjoys (incomplete list):

* DGrayMan
* FullmetalAlchemist
* KingOfThorn
* KurosagiCorpseDeliveryService
* OnePiece
* PandoraHearts
* {{Saiyuki}}
* SoulEater
* SoutenNoKen
* UntilDeathDoUsPart

* {{Baccano}}
* {{Gungrave}}
* PumpkinScissors
* SpeedGrapher
* {{Texhnolyze}}

* ChroniclesOfAmber
* {{Discworld}}
* DresdenFiles
* TheCityOfDreamingBooks

* {{xkcd}}

TV Shows:
* TheMentalist
* {{Supernatural}}