A writery sciency type person in his early twenties. Won a national short story competition aged 11. Has a number of writing projects he needs to finish, but stuff keeps getting in the way and ''then'' other stuff keeps getting in the way of the stuff getting in the way. Paul was a regular columnist on [[http://www.realvg.org RealVG]], where he regularly discussed videogame tropes mentioned here and often linked back to TV Tropes. Paul is also on the writing team for the webcomic JumpLeads, and is the writer behind the current issue, ''Who Wants to Rule the World?''.

Paul is a particular fan of books (particularly {{Discworld}}), videogames (particularly ''SonicTheHedgehog'', ''{{Worms}}'', ''TeamFortress2'', ''SimCity'' and ''AdvanceWars'') and webcomics.

Pages created by PaulPower:

* BreatherLevel
* CoolTrain
* ''{{Worms}}''
* ChekhovsBoomerang (the YKTTW, at least)
* MorallyAmbiguousDucktorate
* ''JumpLeads''