A troper from Thailand. Ye old standard geek (or nerd? I have no idea) who likes to play video games and watch anime, most of the time. Started reading TV Tropes in 2007 through ''IrregularWebcomic'', and stopped for a while because it nearly ruined my life. And I came back...weird huh?

Some of my favourite pieces of fiction: (not all of course)
* ''{{ARIA}}''
* ''BinbouShimaiMonogatari''
* ''DarthsAndDroids''
* ''DungeonSiege''
* ''HaibaneRenmei''
* ''{{Homeworld}}''
* ''IrregularWebcomic''
* ''[[NeverwinterNights Neverwinter Nights 1]]/[[NeverwinterNights2 2]]''
* ''OrderOfTheStick''
* ''[[{{Sketchbook}} Sketchbook ~full color'S~]]''
* ''StarshipOperators''
* ''TerrorIsland''

Trope pages launched:
* {{Bangkok}}
* MindHive (Woo! First trope page launched without starting with s! Page name credited to SkarmoryThePG (and not TitleBin, even though it was in there))
* OnlyOneMeAllowedRightNow
* SignedUpForTheDental
* ShatteredWorld
* StartXToStopX
* SpaceBasedWeaponHasCutoffRange (AKA ArbitraryMaximumRange after name change)
* StealthInSpace

Work pages launched:
* ''VideoGame/{{Anomaly 2}}''
* ''VideoGame/AValleyWithoutWind''
* ''Anime/{{Hitohira}}''
* ''VideoGame/FrozenSynapse''
* ''VisualNovel/{{Narcissu}}''
* ''VideoGame/SinsOfASolarEmpire''
* ''Anime/StarshipOperators''
* ''VideoGame/{{Transcendence}}''

Other pages launched:
* [[Characters/{{ARIA}} Characters/ARIA]]

Pages I did significant contribution:
* ''EarlyEdition'' (full page rewrite)
* ''{{Homeworld}}'' (rearranging)
* SceneryPorn (rearranging)
* UncannyValley (rearranging)
* [[UsefulNotes/{{Thailand}} Useful Notes: Thailand]] (full page rewrite)

Trope name suggestion being used by others:
* NukeExMachina (alternate name of DeusExNukina)

Provided pictures for:
* MiniatureSeniorCitizens (taken down)
* ShatteredWorld