What is Ometta7? Well, that's a question to which there are many answers.

Ometta7 is fat. He weighs a lot and rarely exercises. His boobies jiggle when he's excited.

Ometta7 is a smoker, and a drug user. This compounds his obesity and makes him look like a prick. He smokes menthols, despite not being black. His favorite drug is cannabis, but in times of emotional need for escape he might turn to other illicit substances with shameful tears in his blue eyes.

Ometta7 is mentally unstable. Rumors abound that he is a murderer, and a former school shooter. Some people say he physically resembles a pedophile, or a rapist. Girls don't like talking to them, and he doesn't show much interest in them either. One time he blacked out and wrote messages on the walls about needing blood, then believed himself to be possessed by a demon. He frequently believes he is a self-aware character in a shitty webcomic, [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife as he sees tropes in his day-to-day life]], which feels like a contrived plot to make him the [[ComedicSociopathy most hated person in the universe.]]

Ometta7 is bisexual, but can only imagine a romantic relationship with a woman. This is irrelevant, however, because...

Ometta7 has sexual issues. He is a virgin who takes no active interest in sexual activity beyond masturbation, which he does once a night as part of a routine to help him sleep. His fetishes are never constant and shift with the passing week. One day he might enjoy a graphic rape fic, the next he might want to experience some small penis humiliation, and the next he might just drool over a pretty blonde girl doing a strip tease. He keeps no porn folder of his own, as fapping is merely a way to release tension to him. If he didn't have a sex drive, he'd be happy. Which brings us to...

Ometta7 has self-esteem issues. He constantly has a need to be in control, even of his own biological faculties. If he feels he has no control, he flies into a rage and will take any active measures necessary to reinstate that feeling of dominance, even if it means breaking the law and losing friends.

Ometta7 is a sociopath. Not exactly, he feels remorse, just not on the same level most people do. His empathy and sense of altruism is also either stunted or veers off in strange directions. He once considered whether or not he would save his family from certain death if it meant being inconvenienced or risking his own life, and he decided to let his family die. This decision was what made him feel bad, because he realized how monstrous it was.

Ometta7 is a Ginger. Pretty self-explanatory.

Ometta7 is a Juggalo. Again, pretty self-explanatory.

Ometta7 has considered killing you in a horrible fashion and masturbating over your corpse. Doesn't matter who you are reading this, he has imagined it at least once.

Ometta7 has poor personal hygiene. He figures "Why bother?" Because he has no social life beyond random parties in filthy trailers where everyone gets high and passes out, he doesn't place much emphasis on looking or smelling good.

Ometta7 is a contrarian. Is it popular? He hates it. Does the majority agree? He disagrees, just for the hell of it.

Ometta7 is a troll. His greatest "accomplishment" at being an internet jerkoff was taunting a bunch of Brits for several weeks over James Bulger's death. A man named Andrew Herzman said something he disagreed with on YouTube, and he spent a year attacking him verbally and dropping his personal information to anyone who might like to torment the man further. He tried to start a massive protest on deviantART because some idiot was getting away with posting child porn while his demotivational posters were taken down. It was a massive failure, so he quietly packed it up and moved on without apologizing for being a complete dick to his friends and family.

Ometta7 is petty. In addition to the aforementioned Andrew Herzman incident, his [[DisproportionateRetribution antics]] extend to real life as well. He once destroyed the marriage of his best friend's father because the father kicked him out of his house one day. He sliced open his cousin's eye socket with a butter knife when he was seven because she teased him.

Ometta7 is a liar, and a master at psychological manipulation. For all of the people in his life commenting about how "honest" and "good-hearted" he is, they never noticed how often he lies about being high, breaking into people's houses to steal guns, starting doomsday cults, and destroying people's lives over minor slights toward his fragile psyche. [[MagnificentBastard He has twisted his home life around so that his father shows favoritism towards him over his younger sister, despite the latter being less evil and destructive than he is]]. His best friend follows his every whim despite how he constantly humiliates and assaults him. [[BreakTheCutie He coaxed a fourteen-year-old girl into playing with herself while she was menstruating just to see if he could]]. [[EvilLaugh He giggled sadistically when she confessed to doing it]].

Ometta7 considers himself a villain protagonist, and not somebody worth sympathizing with. This doesn't stop him from wanting sympathy, though.

Ometta7 gave his cousin oral sex when he was thirteen, [[BiggusDickus and enjoyed it]].

Ometta7 is constantly trying to psychologically examine himself and those around him. This page should be proof of that.

I am Ometta7, and all of this is true. Would you like to be my friend?