{{@/NotAlwaysTheHero}} is exactly that. He is sometimes the hero, but at other times, he is '''not'''. It is more accurate to say that NotAlwaysTheHero is akin to a force of nature. Much like a tornado, he tends to forget what he was doing, and then turns in a completely different direction. Much like the ground, he doesn't make much fuss. Much like a small puppy, he finds many things entertai-ooh, what's that. Also, feel free to express your vandal tendencies with my page. It is a bit of a trollop, and enjoys a good frolic.\\
Some Tropes that apply to me:\\
CloudCuckooLander, as anybody who knows me will tell you\\
DitzyGenius, or so my standardized test scores would suggest\\
SpectacledSadist, sometimes\\
StoicGlasses, the other times\\
* LegalJailbait -{{@/Landstander}}
I am the God of Cliff-diving. Worship me! -pushes you off a cliff-\\
Things I have edited:\\
I just took your vandalism cherry. How does that feel, sucka?! >D ~{{@/Epitome}}

Sloppy seconds!\\
Let's put it this way: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eaE-_GDbmQ Grass grows, birds fly, the sun shines, and brudda, NATH hurts people.]] [[CallBack He's a force of nature.]] [[TeamFortress2 If you were from where HE was from, you'd be [bleep]in' dead!]] --{{@/Blackmoon}}

Boss, sorry if I stole your thunder for a while there. :) - {{@/Keybreak}}

Not always the hero, but forever faithful. - {{@/Krrackknut}}.

:O!! You and your sneaky, sneaky way of being a sweetheart! -TJ