[[caption-width:50:This icon is correct. I actually am a giant green lizard.]]

Wow, was this thing out of date! I've made a few chops and changes to it now, but I'll probably rewrite it at some point.

Now: wow, is that line above out of date! I still haven't gotten around to re-writing this thing, either.

A long time reader of TV Tropes, I only decided to become a troper because my friendly rival in pop culture knowledge, [[AirOfMystery this guy]], was too. Since then I've become a productive troper, [[{{Fancruft}} fancrufting]] all my favorite shows in everywhere I can.

You can read his and mine's send up of fantasy fiction, the ''Lord of Dragons'' series by Ephraim B. Smain, [[ here]].

I can quote pretty much every line from ''{{Scrubs}}''. Oh, and definitely every line from ''{{Plan Nine From Outer Space}}''.
I'm also proud that I know the difference between Ainur, Maiar and Valar!

'''Tropes I Wrote:'''
*TheWormGuy was one of mine, [[WikiMagic although most of the examples come from other tropers]].

'''Tropes That Apply To Me:'''
* BiTheWay - if it comes up in conversation, I'm open about it.
* AfraidOfNeedles - I tend to get woozy and occasionally pass out if they're shown (and sometimes even ''mentioned''), let alone getting an injection.
** CharacterDevelopement - I'm getting better at dealing with this now.
* DeadpanSnarker (although intermittently CloudCuckooLander)
* BadassLongcoat - I wear one. Doesn't change me into a badass though, insert sad emote.
* CausticCritic, see [[ here]].
** Or don't, I only did one episode.
** I also do [[YouTubePoop YouTubePoops]]. [[ Check it all out here.]]
* SoBadItsGood - I own ''Plan Nine From Outer Space'', ''Jason and the Argonauts'', ''Superman IV'' and ''Speed'' on DVD. It's become a ritual to watch one of them each year on my birthday.
* SignatureStyle - my song lyrics end up [[TrueArtIsIncomprehensible fantastically abstracted]], even when I start writing about a mundane subject. Also, any analytical or scientific writing will be absolutely slathered with purple prose.
* PermaStubble - I only ever use the lowest setting on my electric shaver, but get away with it because of my blond hair.
** Recently averted - I've started GrowingTheBeard.
** And [[StatusQuoIsGod now I've shaved]], so back to PermaStubble.
* LimitedWardrobe - afforementioned BadassLongcoat in conjunction with black pants and a grey shirt.
** KnightInSourArmor. You have no idea.