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Tropers: Nifty Lost Kite
A troper with no sense of taste, and trying to keep things nice. Results may vary.

Space here is editable.

  • Hello gentleman. All Your Base Are Belong to Us. You have no chance to survive make your time! —CATS

  • Hey hey, kids! - Schitzo

  • Hello. Hope you find your kite. - Imipolex G

  • Now, if I were to say that I found your kite, and I were to say that it was in less than Nifty condition... —Shlapintogan

  • It's a little unfortunate you lost your kite. I guess that means you're a "victim of coicumstance". Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk! - AlBundyFan365

  • HOWDY THERE! Theres a new Asura's Wrath Trailer out now! ^.^ Thought you should know ~ Demongodofchaos
    • Sorry for the late reply, but thanks! I really need to check my own page now and again. :/

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