If you are trying to get in contact with {{Tropers/Muninn}}, he is no longer active on this site. You may have better luck if you look for him at [[http://randinternet.blogspot.com his blog.]]

Having found this place in December of 2007, possibly from a link on the [[Webcomic/ElGoonishShive EGS]] forums, {{Tropers/Muninn}} was a troper who edited this wiki with varying degrees of intensity and enthusiasm between Summer of 2008 and Spring of 2012. During his time, he [[FirstEpisodeSpoiler created one trope]], [[EverybodyHatesMathematics launched another]], created work pages for ''Webcomic/NanasEverydayLife'', ''Webcomic/MoltenBlade'', ''Literature/TheRedemptionOfAlthalus'', ''{{Zeiram}}'', ''VisualNovel/{{CrescendoEienDatoOmotteItaAnoKoro}}'', ''VisualNovel/{{Remember11}}'', ''Webcomic/SomewhereDifferent'', and ''VideoGame/Heartache101SourIntoSweet'', and made many other edits to try to keep this site to a certain standard of writing.

Alas, all things come to an end eventually. {{Tropers/Muninn}} had gradually begun to question the joy of relentlessly looking for patterns in fiction beyond a certain point, gradually growing discontent with the way the site was run, with the adamant insistence by the administration that this site needs a formal and relaxed atmosphere with few rules, even though the administration regularly banned people for breaking the rules that, contrary to their insistence, actually ''did'' exist and were enforced, even if they were not written down anyplace.

It's not because of the mass deletion of many pages from the site -- at least, not directly. Many of those works probably didn't have enough narrative to trope past a rudimentary level (although I once believed that the site's goals were to trope even those, to the extent that it would be possible). Several were removed simply because they're subject matter was distasteful. Some were mistakenly removed because the administration couldn't be bothered to actually figure out what the pages were talking about before they deleted them -- these are the ones that I'm most annoyed about.

These events weren't enough to drive me away by themselves. They only made me wonder why I was contributing to this site... and made me realize that I didn't have an answer.

I won't announce that I'm starting a better site... TVTropes is too well entrenched at the time being, anybody who founds a so-called replacement will only find that everybody is passing them by, because most people will think "if I were going to edit a site like that, I may as well be editing TVTropes".
I'm not going to "go out with a bang". I won't troll, or vandalise, or demand that my contributions over four years be removed from this wiki. This is because even though I may now lack faith in the direction that TVTropes is going, I respect those days when I contributed because I did hold such faith.
I will not attempt to publicly insult the administration in a forum post that would only be blanked anyway.

Maybe someday I'll come back, although I doubt it. This isn't the feeling of "needing a break" like I've done once or twice in the past. I'm [[http://randinternet.blogspot.com a blogger now]], at least for the time being. Mostly talking about anime and visual novels, game design, maybe a bit of random programming... drop by if you think it sounds interesting.


Well, this may be my final edit here... it was fun for a while, at least. Thank you for the experience you gave me a few years ago, TVTropes. It's too bad that you couldn't make it last longer.