->"''There are as many worlds as there are potentialities.''"
-->'''-Mugen Kagemaru''', who inherited it from [[AlternateTimeline a version of]] [[VideoGame/ChronoTrigger Janus Zeal]].

!!!{{Kayfabe}} Profile
(NOTE: This profile is INCREDIBLY out-of-date, and hasn't been updated due to lack of interest.)

[[http://www.youtube.com/user/TheEndlessWarlock The Endless Warlock]], [[UminekoNoNakuKoroNi who has lived ]] [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld for thousands]] [[OlderThanTheyLook of years.]] [[IHaveManyNames He has gone by many different names during that time.]] [[NoNameGiven It is unknown which one is]] [[IKnowYourTrueName his real name.]] [[Manga/XxxHOLiC Even his current name, Mugen Kagemaru, is just a pseudonym.]]

A MasterSwordsman, he claims the only person better than him is his [[BigBrotherMentor elder brother]], who was a MasterSwordsman in his own right, and was once known [[BeyondTheImpossible throughout all existence]] as the greatest swordsman to ever exist.

A veteran of the [[TheBible Final War]] [[GreatOffScreenWar At The]] [[http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/58574/supplementary-material-backstory--the-final-war-at-the-end-of-days End Of Days]], he was banished from New Earth for [[BadPowersGoodPeople simply being a person who uses the power of Darkness]] in [[NoPlaceForMeThere a society of Light]]. So he accepted the "mission" as he and [[{{God}} his "employer"]] put it, of [[WalkingTheEarth exploring the new]] [[TheMultiverse Multiverse]] and [[TimeTravel its history]] in a ship that is BiggerOnTheInside and is called a SHARDIS. [[note]](This is intentional, by the way. I'm a fan of Who and my guy's current wanderings were inspired by the revived series, right down to the aforementioned GreatOffscreenWar being created to have a counterpart for the Time War. -Mugen)[[/note]]

[[note]]("SHARDIS" stands for "Silly Happenings And Related Dabblings In Shenanigans" just FYI. -Mugen)[[/note]]

!!!Real-World Profile
Young adult on the East Coast of the U.S. with too many issues to list here. Single, but is married to a job he keeps secret from all but those he trusts, and he does not trust easy, though he is starting to get better.

!!This troper and his character provide examples of:

* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation
** (User) Either I'm an obnoxious {{Troll}} or simply a guy with serious behavior issues.
** (Character) Either he's a broken and unfair MartyStu or he's simply been around too long.[[note]](Would you believe I made my earliest stories with him when I was 8 years old? To put it in perspective, I'm turning 22 this year (2013). -Mugen)[[/note]] Either way, the general consensus is that he should be killed off. [[KillItWithFire With fire.]] Hmm... Nah. I feel more like playing both opinions for drama and tragedy.
* BadPowersGoodPeople: (Character) [[DarkIsNotEvil Wields the power of Darkness]], but is NeutralGood.
* BerserkButton: First, do not harm [[TrueCompanions his friends or loved ones]] or [[FriendToAllChildren kids]] where he can witness it. And especially avoid it where he can't. You never know when he might barge in on it, if he isn't watching already. Second, do not [[ShellShockedVeteran speak lightly]] of the [[GreatOffscreenWar war he fought in]]. Third, don't [[LockedOutOfTheLoop withhold vital information from him]]. When it could help him do his job more efficiently, he tends to not care if it's about [[TimelineAlteringMacGuffin his own future]]. [[note]](Actually, you '''SHOULD''' withhold the information. The reason he drafted "Rule 49" is because when someone learns of their own future, [[StableTimeLoop it becomes fixed in history]], since [[SelfFulfillingProphecy the knowledge tends to influence them into unwittingly bringing about the event they found out about in advance]]. -R.A.B.)[[/note]]
* BlessedWithSuck
** (User) So, Mugen, you like video games and computers? Why don't you go to college and learn more about them? [[note]](Because school sucks no matter what you think. -Mugen)[[/note]]
** (Character) So, Mugen, [[DarkIsNotEvil you use the Dark]] [[BadPowersGoodPeople Power for good, huh?]] [[NoPlaceForMeThere Too bad, New Earth is a Light world.]] [[VanHelsingHateCrimes The only good Darkling is a dead one.]]
* BlueAndOrangeMorality: (User) Most of this comes from a close friend of mine.
* ClusterFBomb (Both) What the hell do ya mean, watch my fuckin' language? This is how I normally talk, dammit!
* ConversationalTroping: (User) I tend to not pay attention to the fact that my audience often doesn't know what I'm talking about.
* DrugsAreBad
** (User) Won't catch me dead doing drugs, [[NoSmoking not even smoking]], if I know what they are.
** (Character) Does not condone the use of drugs for getting high or things like that, but knows there are "good" drugs out there, and that most drugs that are abused (like pot or the like) actually have their benevolent uses.
* FanonDiscontinuity: (User) Yeah, no. I accept canon as it is, and I make sure to distinguish between it and {{Fanon}}.
** CanonDiscontinuity: I prefer to just say things that didn't happen to the mainstream version of my character happened instead to an [[AlternateTimeline alternate version]] of him.
* FriendToAllChildren: Though this can be broken if the kid is sufficiently... '''[[WesternAnimation/CourageTheCowardlyDog naaaauuuughtyyyyyyyy...]]'''
* FriendlessBackground: (User) All the offline friends I used to have are too busy with their lives to hang out with me.
* [[HumansAreMorons Humans Are Arrogant Monkeys]]: (Both) Scared of what they don't understand, dismissing as false anything they didn't learn about in elementary school, not including radical groups (such as [[TheFundamentalist fundies]]), humans as a whole are very closed-minded and self-serving.
** PatrickStewartSpeech: (Both) Both my character and I are firm believers that, though humans are stupid and arrogant, they have such a potential for greatness that one can't help but be curious as to what the right people can do with the world.
* IJustWantToBeSpecial: (User) Really, I wish my life was as interesting as my character's.
* LockedOutOfTheLoop
** (User) I [[PrecisionFStrike fucking]] hate it when people keep secrets from me, I don't care what the reason is. If I want to know, then I have a damn good reason for wanting to know. Usually because the scenario doesn't make sense.
** (Character) The more information he has, the more efficiently he can do his job. [[spoiler:This becomes a problem when the information he requires happens to be [[TimelineAlteringMacGuffin information about his own future]], which he usually prefers to avoid, and folks in the know about [[RuleNumberOne his various rules]] choose to enforce his preference in his place, [[BerserkButton which infuriates him]].]]
* Missing Family: (Character) All [[KilledOffForReal killed]] when he was relatively young. Let's see, [[DeadLittleSister two older brothers]], [[MissingMom a mother]], and [[DisappearedDad a father]]. There was also [[TokenMiniMoe a young niece]].
* MotorMouth: (User) I often channel [[TheNthDoctor the]] [[DavidTennant Tenth]] [[Series/DoctorWho Doctor]] while going over my character's lines aloud. Not enough to give him a thing, sadly.
* NeutralGood: (Both) As mentioned above, regarding my character. Also applies to me.
** ScrewTheRulesImDoingWhatsRight: We're both willing to screw the rules, whether they be an ancient law enforced by some god or one of your typical rules, if it means we get our respective jobs done more efficiently.
* PlayingCardMotifs: The King Of Diamonds, received in one of the many fan-made spin-offs of WebVideo/BenDrowned.
* RidiculousProcrastinator: (User) To be honest, I'd rather surf the Net or play a vidyagame than do homework.
* RuleNumberOne: (Character) At least 49,[[note]](I forget if I made more. -Mugen)[[/note]] since the 49th rule [[note]]("''A time traveler should never learn about his/her own future.''")[[/note]] has been used to [[LockedOutOfTheLoop withhold information]] from him. [[BerserkButton This infuriates him.]]
* SplitPersonality: (Character) Since he had an arc based on KingdomHearts, where he was in Sora's role, he had the Original Characters that filled the roles of Roxas and Xion in his head since they had their own souls, which were in pieces due to the holes being filled by their respective pieces of his own soul. And then those two were KilledOffForReal in the GreatOffscreenWar, along with other various friends he could've asked to come along so he wouldn't be alone, since they wouldn't care if [[{{Utopia}} New]] [[TheBible Earth's]] people decided they were evil like him for doing so.
* SpoilerHound: (User) I don't usually mind spoilers, but for the sake of the spoiler avoiders, I prefer that they be shared privately unless there's a topic specifically for information on that topic.
* TheTeetotaler: (User) I refuse to drink. First, from what I've seen from a third-person perspective, getting drunk sucks. Second, Alcohol, no matter what the drink is, tastes awful. No thanks.

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