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To describe me, I'm a 34-year-old gamer, Troper, and accounting major (graduating in May '12...can't wait!) with an ExpansionPackPast owing mostly to an inability to hold down a job for very long in my twenties (see also the reason I went back to college). Don't call me a geek or a nerd, though; to do so is to invite levels of violence that would make Max the hyperkinetic rabbity thing pull out his Luger. I'm an ex-jock done in by injuries who watched too much TV growing up and now plays too many video games. That simple, really.

My name here comes from a character I created in NBA Live, a big bald black dude with awesome stats wearing #5 for the Celtics. Cue {{Squee}} when Kevin Garnett, a big bald black dude with awesome stats, got #5 for the Celtics.

Back when there were TroperTales, I was noted for telling them, a side effect of a ScrewySquirrel personality and a lack of a filter. My RefugeInAudacity is legendary, a result of taking an old piece of advice that "confidence is sexy" and turning it UpToEleven...perhaps even shooting for BeyondTheImpossible.

Oh, and I love Series/MythBusters.

Sports nerds are still nerds. --bobhead

[[BerserkButton Who asked you, pal?]] You said the angry word. Now you must die.- MD