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I've made some custom CSS to help adjust things on the TVTropes website, although so far it's mostly just for the forums:
[[folder:Custom CSS]]Smily text(Puts smily type in text after smily):
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img[title="grin"]:after{content: "[grin]";}
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Round borders(Only needed for Opera web browser. Mozilla and Webkit browsers are already coded in. It may work in Internet Explorer 9.0, but untested.):



#wikileft li{border-radius:3px;}
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#wikileftpage h1{border-radius:1em;}=]@@
[[/folder]]Instructions on how to use these in [[ Opera Web Browser]] and [[ Mozilla Firefox]]:
# Make a text file with the CSS code you want to use.
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# Install [[ Stylish]]
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# Name it and tag it however you want
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@@[=@-moz-document domain("") {
# Put the CSS you want in between the two lines, then click "Save".
I'm interested in {{Video Game}}s and organization. From that, it goes to follow that I'm interested in organizing {{Video Game}} {{Trope}}s.

Here's what I have so far(I'll expand it over time):
[[folder:Video Game Tropes]]

!! PointsOfGames - The various types of numerical points in video games.
* ScoringPoints - Points to keep track of the score.
* HitPoints - Numerical evaluation of a character's health.
** LifeMeter - Visual non-numerical representation of the numerical HitPoints.
** BodyArmorAsHitPoints - Armor acts like extra HitPoints.
** OneHitPointWonder - The Player-character only has one [[HitPoints Hit Point]].
** CastFromHitPoints - Use of HitPoints for things other than taking damage.
* MagicPoints({{Mana}}) - Numerical evaluation of characer's magic and skill usage-ability.
** ManaMeter - Visual non-numerical representation of the numerical MagicPoints.
* ExperiencePoints - Used in LevelSystem. Gain to level up characters.
** NoExperiencePointsForMedic - Healing characters have a more difficult time getting experience compared to other characters.
* AlternateExperiencePoints - Used to level up other things, or get new skills/magic.
** TechPoints - Used to passively get new spells or skills at certain intervals.
** AbilityPoints - Use to get new spells or skills from equipment.
** JobPoints - Gained gradually and spent on new spells or skills.
** SkillPoints - Gained at level to spend on new spells or skills.
* AttributePoints - Used to raise a character's base attributes.

!! GameCharacterSystems
* CharacterLevel - Gain exeperience and level up.
* CharacterRace - Different fantasy races can be used, usually with differing abilities.
* CharacterClass - A mechanical character archtype defining player[=/=]character role...
** RPGClassSystem - used in [=RPGs=].
*** PrestigeClass - A more advanced and unlockable class.
** FPSClassSystem - used in FPS[=/=]Action games.
** CommonCharacterClasses - A list of common character classes.
** FighterMageThief - Three classes that are the common three-choice archtypes.
* PointBuildSystem - The gain of [[AlternateExperiencePoints Alternate Experience]] or AttributePoints to define the character.
* CharacterCustomization - A part of a game where the player can customize many different aspects of a character.

!! GameItemsAndInventory
* StandardRPGItems
** FixedHealingItems
** StatusHealItem
*** AllStatusHealItem
** MagicPointRecoveryItem
** RevivalItems
** MonsterRepelItem

!!! InventorySystems
* SlotInventoryStyles - How items go into slots.
** OneItemOneSlot - You have a certain number of "slots" and can put, at most, a single item into each slot. To put in another way, each item goes into its own slot, multiple items goes into multiples slots. No stacking.
** OneSlotManyItems - Each slot in the inventory space can hold X number of any item, where X is usually 99, sometimes 30, and less often 1, and rarely some other number.
** OneSlotVariableItems - Each slot in the inventory space can carry a variable number of items, depending on the item. Most of the time, you can only have one piece of equipment per slot but multiple consumable items in the same slot. Multiple items in a single slot in this case are typically called ItemStacks.
** VariableSlotItems - Items can take up multiple slots, and sometimes [[ItemStack multiple items of the same type can also take up the same slot.]]
* InventoryBagTypes - Who gets the items.
** IndividualCharacterInventory - Each character has their own inventory.
** PartyInventory - The party has a BagOfSharing.
** MixedInventorySystem - Individual character have their own inventory and there is also a shared BagOfSharing.
* InventoryInterfaces - Display of inventory.
** GridInventory - Listed in a grid.
** ListInventory - Listed in a... list.
** TableInventory - Listed like a table.
** RingInventory - Shown in a circle.
* BagOfSharing - Shared inventory between characters.
* BagOfSpilling - Inventory lost between instalments.

!! VideoGameHealing - A SuperTrope about the AcceptableBreakFromReality of healing in video games typically being dramatically faster than in RealLife
* VideoGameRegenerationMechanics - SuperTrope for gradual health[=/=]MagicPoints regeneration mechanics in video games. Not to be confused with health recovery, which works instantly. Alternate name: RegeneratingHealth?
** RegeneratingBreather - The mechanic where the character quickly regenerates their health or armour or shields if they haven't been hit in a while, been detected in a while, or by putting the character in a certain position(like leaning or crouching). (Under [[ repair.]])
*** RedBarHealing - This mechanic is common in Fighting games although it appears in other genres as well. Basically where when a character gets hit, they can heal a portion of that damage over time as long as they don't get hit again. The amount of damage that can be healed is typically represented by a red portion of their health bar. Different from RegeneratingBreather in that once the cahracter gets hit, the character cannot regenerate health above the point where the character was before the character got hit.
** HealingOverTime - A spell or an ability in a video game that heals its target over a period of time. Named after what people seem to call HoTs in WorldOfWarcraft.
** RegeneratingWalk - A mechanic in video games where the act of walking or movement actively regenerates the character's life, MagicPoints, or something else.
* HealThyself - Where the act of picking up an item automatically heals the user.
* HealingPotion - A usable item that heals the user.
* HealingMagic - Spells that can be used to heal video game characters. Not to be confused with WhiteMagic, which can also protect or even harm.
** CombatExclusiveHealing - Where such spells can't be used out of combat.
* TraumaInn - Inns and other resting places can restore all the characters' health. Should proabbly be expanded to include all forms of resting, or at least sleeping, doing the same; but that's for another thread.
* AfterBossRecovery - Everybody goes back to full health after boss battles.
* AfterCombatRecovery - Everybody goes back to full health automatically after combat.[[/folder]]
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