Marandahir is a 20 year old male SpoonyBard /multiclass Illusionist whose everyday language can usually be replaced with the phrase [[LargeHam "Did Somebody Order a Large Ham?"]]

He studies at the greenest college in the world, and plans to be an anthropologist or AdventurerArchaeologist, though singing, writing, [[GottaCatchEmAll Capturing All 493]] (plus alternate forms) {{Pokemon}}, and SavingTheWorld all the while. His handle originates from the surname of the main character of his fantasy novel that's trying to break the stereotypes of fantasy and reach so-called "higher literature" without losing the importance of the fantastic tropes that drew him there in the first place. Almost all his [[OurMonstersAreDifferent Races Are Different]]. To do this, he spends more time [[DidNotDoTheResearch Doing The Research]]. SoYeah.

His dreams include travelling the world, learning [[LandOfMyFathersAndTheirSheep Welsh]], getting better at the JapaneseLanguage (he spent a month in Kobe last summer), and canoeing up the Amazon River from it's mouth at Belém to Vilcabamba upon the Plain of Ghosts in the Andes Mountains. He also hopes to rediscover the name of that TV show from his childhood he just can't place, because Somebody Stopped [[KeepCirculatingTheTapes Circulating the Tapes]].

Also, he plans to write one of his Human Ecology Essay (required in addition to a senior project) on what SavingTheWorld means to him through an analysis of AmazonTrail (the article of which he will write when he gets to it, most likely in conjunction with the paper, if not sooner, because it's the better and more powerful of the two games, when compared to its better-known AloofBigBrother OregonTrail). And if you need to write a Human Ecology Essay to graduate, you probably now know the identity of this handle's user.