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Empty, isn't it?

Well, seeing as you took the time to click the link, might as well introduce myself.

I live in the Philippines and have seen near 2 decades of life. During that time, I consider myself lucky to have been conscious as it occurred. As a sorry result, I am often the listener who lives vicariously through the stories of others.

I'm a person of little interest but many interests, though they fall towards the so-called "geek" spectrum of things; certain works of fantasy and science fiction, pulp revival comics, whatever cartoon or anime I like and tabletop games, both roleplaying, board gaming and miniature wargaming. Currently, I'm most active on the Roleplaying Forum.

EDIT#1: Also, due to my brother's idiocy, I've had to make a new account under the name "MantlemaskII".

EDIT#2: Thanks to some great people, I've my old account back. I'll see you all in a day.

EDIT#3: Jello and leche flan tins do not mix.

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