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Tropers: MEPT 72
Hither came Michael The Glastonburian brown-haired sapphire-eyed with sword in hand, a thief a reaver a slayer with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to crush the jeweled thrones of the Earth under his sandelled feet.

Meh my old joke list wasn't funny in retrospect, so now fellow tropers have fun: Anyone else can add what ever they want below this line. Have at it.

  • Greetings, fellow CT troper! It is I, frog753, born and raised in Simsbury. From one of your forum posts, I infer you are from somewhere in the Greater Hartford Area as well. It's good to know that oft-forgotten Connecticut is represented here!
  • MEEEEEEEEEPT!!! -Shakes Fist- <— Barkey
  • Just aheads up, I will be getting much amusement at your expense. - Scholastica
  • Ahoy hoy - Schitzo
  • If we may add tropes then, I'd say Boisterous Bruiser -Landstander
  • I've been meaning to see if you wanted to get together for some Panda steaks sometime later. -Deboss
  • Deboss, you are heartless. ...What does panda taste like anyway? - Anonymous User

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