A 16-year-old {{Copy Cat Sue}} ([[ItIsPronouncedTroPAY pronounced Muzzer Brain]]) from South Joisey who isn't nearly as awesome as the real Mother Brain. Nah, just kidding. [[OrIsIt Or am I?]]

This Troper likes to write fanfiction, fix broken links on TVTropes, and play Banjo-Tooie in her spare time. May or may not be working on a {{Dramatic Reading}} of bad {{Metroid}} fics soon a la {{Tropers/Man Without A Body}}.


[[folder:User Tropes:]]
'''This troper provides examples of:'''
* SmallNameBigEgo ([[SelfDemonstratingArticle Seriously, how many new people do you know who make their own pages right off the bat?]])
* BookWorm
* FlatWhat
* BadassNormal ([[DisSimile except without the badass part]])
* SillyRabbitIdealismIsForKids
* TheSlacker
* LargeHam (in training, at any rate.)
* HowDoIShotWeb (more like HowDoIIndexTrope)
* SelfDeprecation (loads of this. May sometimes devolve into Wangst)
* SilentSnarker
* TVTropesWillRuinYourLife (for the record, it already has.)
* {{Geek}} (and [[ProudToBeAGeek proud of it too]].)
* [[JustForPun Greek]]
* OverlyLongName (comes with being Greek)
* TheLoonie
* [[GratuitousGreek GrEnglish]] (I tend to mix in Greek words when I speak English, and vice-versa)
* ForgetsToEat
* ForTheEvulz (my reason for doing anything.)
* UnusualEuphemism (Holy Shakespeare! What the Dickens? By the Spear of Athena!)
* BiTheWay
* ShrinkingViolet (when I first meet/talk to people.)
For all of the [[strike:MotherBrain]] M0therBrain [[XTremeKoolLetterz haet3rz]] out there, (I'm looking at you, Samus) comment here.
* Hey mom! You still up for poker night? --[[@/{{goodtimesfreegrog}} Kraid]]
Poker night with Kraid and Ridley? They must be the party poopers. -- @/AmusedTroperGuy