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Tropers: Luminosity
That awkward moment when you realise your name leads to a Twilight fanfic. A decent one, no less.

Describe Luminosity here. No... not the fan fic.

So yeah, here we are. :3 I've been around this wiki for some small time, editing things, until i got registered because... well, i like having my own page. Selfish reason, but really as good as any. Don't judge. XD

I'm a random Russian person and a fanfic writer. My profile is here

Tropes Associated with Luminosity The Person.

Works i like

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    Comic Books 

  • Too many to list. And to remember. Sorry.

    Web Comics/Web Original 

    Western Animation 

  • Again, too many to list or remember. It's mostly mysteries though.

    Video Games 

Special mention goes to Higurashi and Umineko. I do NOT support Shkanontrice And I consider Our Confessions a case of classy R07 behavior.

Things i'd rather not talk about.

  • Naruto
I don't hate it. I just don't... enjoy it as much.
  • Console Wars or PC vs Everything. I have a PS3 and i'm ok with it.
  • Twilight
  • Harry Potter I don't think of it as highly as many people do.
  • Electronic Arts
  • Street Fighter X Tekken On-disc DLC, Ultimate Defense Gem and such, and such.
  • Devil May Cry Reboot. I agree with the Fan Dumb. Although the only DMC i liked was 3. DMC 1 had too much Resident Evil baggage, suffering from it's original purpose. DMC 2 was just boring. And DMC 4 too repetative(although fights vs Dante were awesomesauce) Update: Made my peace with it and enjoyed it. If only it didn't have that antagonistic John Romero marketing, it wouldn't get nearly as much hate.
  • Mass Effect Part 3. You know what i'm talking about.

Special mention for that category: I think Sonic Generations has resurrected the Sonic series. But i don't like to talk about some other installments. I'm with Fan Dumb on those.

Phew, i think that'd be all.


  • Not all, my good man. You forgot the Vandalism Section, an all-encompassing section dedicated to those tropers who like to scribble a message onto your page. Also, first. Inhopelessguy
  • -scribble scribble scribble- And now I have written on your page. I hope that you can forgive my insolence. :P ~ Dark Confidant
  • -Puts drawing on wall- And I decorated your wall, too! DiurnalBrocolli

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