[[{{Hello}} Greetings]], [[{{Mooks}} fellow tropers]].

[[EvilOverlord I]] am very fond of PotHoles.

Aside from [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife watching my life being sucked into the abyss that is TV Tropes]], I have various other hobbies of equal uselessness. Like drinking. I also read the EvilOverlordList every so often so that its maxims are second nature to me by the time I make my own attempt to TakeOverTheWorld.

Most of my edits are stuffing more tropes into SagaOfTheExiles, I think. And [[WMG/ASongOfIceAndFire WMGs]].

And I just made the ''[[Literature/WolfHall Wolf Hall]]'' page. Go me. Once I've finished reading ''The Luminaries'' (i.e. started and finished) I'll probably do one for that too, if nobody else has gotten round to it.