I live in [[TheOtherRainforest the American Pacific Northwest]]. I am an [[AmbulanceChaser attorney]]. Every so often I feel the need to add some bit of information to an existing page or create one of my own.

Trope pages I've created:

* AffluentAscetic
* AlcoholInducedIdiocy
* BetrayalByOffspring
* TheBigRottenApple
* DawnOfTheWildWest
* DisappointingOlderSibling
* DryCrusader
* JohnBarleycornAndFriends
* KarmicMisfire
* LoveMakesYouUncreative
* MurderousMask
* TwilightOfTheOldWest
* SoiledCityOnAHill
* VanityProject

Trivia page I've created:

* ContractualObligationProject

AudienceReaction page I've created:

* InformedRealLifeFame

I've also created the page for the following movie:

* Film/TheHustler