Hello Sweeties,

A forty something, who was writing before many of you were born, one of his short stories was once mistaken for an unpublished Douglas Adams, [[TheFastShow so that was nice]]. Wanna-be {{Lancer}}, or more accurately [[TheWestWing "You want to be the guy. I want to be the guy the guy counts on."]].

Mild case of BunnyEarsLawyer, and has a nagging suspicion he may be a CluelessChickMagnet, though of course he has no idea how to exploit this. Wondering if worth a visit to the US to exploit his BritishAccent (Lower Middle Class North London, actually). Has recently acquired the nickname 'Walking Wiki-fuckin'-pedia.' Has parole reports (unofficially) handed to him to check the language usage before submission. Known for being able to get computers to do stuff and his love of waistcoats, he is one of the few people you know who can tie a bow-tie.

Oh Huzzah!