Tropers / L-chan

Venezuelan troper who gots a handle and lost the password. Oh Noes!

Meganekko, Otaku, type-loonatic, Potterfan, Earthbound-fan, and fan of very shiny and unrelated things. Also, a fan of fans, and a fan of Fandom Wank. Not as "friki" (the spanish term for "fan of weird things like anime, cartoons, comics, roleplaying, videogames and such") as she would be like. The world should be grateful.

Launched a few Series:

However, she has also launched a trope or two:

She has added her particular "flavor" to many entries usually adding the "latin" side. However, since she is not a native English Speaker and hasn't had enough practice, she could commits many grammatical errors and can be guilty of weird writing. She apologizes a lot to the other contributors who have to fix her... mistakes, to put it midly.

For more information, search for Lequinni in the Spanish-speaking side of the fandom.