[[caption-width:482:I want to be that awesome someday!]]

{{Kraken17}} is just a [[BadassSpaniard spanish]] passerby...

... with [[CombatTentacles tentacles]], but that's another story.

Oh, and sometimes he [[TheContributors contributes]] with little addons in some tropes, just little things and observations, minor [[ChainOfCorrections corrections]], etc.

And dreams with [[TakeOverTheWorld taking over the world]]. As a [[NotSoHarmless harmless]] hobby.

!!Main Contributions:

* [[Webcomic/{{CROWLEY}} Crowley]]
* {{Fanhunter}}
* {{Superlopez}}
* ZipiYZape

!!Tropes for him:

* Main/BadassMustache (I can have one if I want!)
* [[BadassSpaniard Badass Spaniard]] (More Spaniard than badass, tought...)
* Main/BadassUnintentional (... but occasionally badass, sometimes)
* [[BerserkButton Berserk Button ]] (If you mess with one of my female friends, I'll show you a world of pain)
* Main/BewareTheNiceOnes
* [[BrownEyes Brown Eyes]]
* Main/CatchPhrase ("Fhtagn!", "Dantesco!")
* Main/ChivalrousPervert (I could be a bit of a pervert, but always a gentleman with the ladies)
* Main/CloudCuckooLander (Just ocassionall... ''PANCAKES!!'')
* Main/ClusterFBomb (''Fuck'', yes!)
* [[TheCombatPragmatist Combat Pragmatist]] (If I get in a real fight, I'll cheat like a [[GroinAttack bastard]])
* [[CoolOldGuy Cool Old Guy]] (At least to my younger cousins... I'm not ''that'' old)
* Main/CuteShotaroBoy (Was one before puberty... now, just your plain [[EldritchAbomination Eldritch Abomination]])
* [[DeadpanSnarker Deadpan Snarker]] (Again, just occasionally)
* [[TheDeterminator Determinator]] (Only playing fighting videogames in ''versus mode''. Some of my friends have noted that when I'm cornered my skills in the game grow exponentially. ''I never give up in fighting games''.)
* [[EldritchAbomination Eldritch Abomination]] (At mornings, before getting my coffee)
* Main/HeroesWantRedHeads
* [[JustFriends Just Friends]] (A friend of mine and me have been dealing with this since pree-school. We're an example of the [[TheStraightWillAndGrace The Straight Will And Grace]] trope)
* Main/NonActionGuy
* [[PuppyDogEyes Puppy Dog Eyes]] (I'm ''a master'' of this!)
* [[FiveManBand Five Man Band]] (Well, more of a Nine Man Band... or four... or fourteen... we're like The Avengers, always changing the lineup!)
* [[UnstoppableRage Unstoppable Rage]] (See Berserk Button)