Archivist, student, feminist, trivia addict and obsessed reader from Scotland. Favourite authors include Kate Atkinson, Margaret Atwood, {{Jane Austen}}, {{Lois McMaster Bujold}}, {{Lindsey Davis}}, Denis Diderot, {{George Eliot}}, {{Neil Gaiman}}, {{Diana Wynne Jones}}, {{Ursula K Le Guin}}, DorothyLSayers, {{Robert Louis Stevenson}} and {{Shakespeare}}. Among others.

Has more time for watching TV than she used to - when she does, it's probably {{Doctor Who}}, [[{{Series.Heroes}} Heroes]], {{Dollhouse}}, {{Firefly}} or University Challenge. She is most frequently to be seen on this wiki when she should really be doing something else.

Has a near-photographic memory for quotations and song lyrics (which take up a lot of valuable brainspace that could probably be used for something more vital), an awful lot of books lying around her house, and hair which is somewhere between [[PrehensileHair prehensile]] and [[RapunzelHair Rapunzel]]. Is not always [[CloudCuckooLander entirely with it]].