Tropers / Jurgeth

What is a Jurgeth?

Jurgeth is a Troll (Trollicus Sapiens, a Hominid genus whose sudden resurgence has caused much debate in paleoanthropological and cryptozoological circles). This particular specimen typifies his species whilst providing an excellent insight into the differences between humans and trolls.

Observe if you will his vibrant and distinctive orange fur, for most animals such brightly coloured fur serves as a warning to would be predators, or to attract the interest of a mate; all members of this species grow long fur for reasons as of yet unknown by the scientific community.

Anatomically it's not too dissimilar to a human, standing 6' tall with all the correct appendages in the appropriate places, however its skin is noted for its pallor and sensitivity to UV radiation, perhaps a trait adapted for the low light environments trolls are known to nest in (caves, under bridges etc etc).