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I'm just a bit of a nerdy high school student. Most of my time is spent trying to entertain myself through various wholesome and educational activities like reading. Of course, I also don't mind the occasional binge of just sitting around doing nothing. As long as a genre of a book, movie, whatever, is done well, and in an interesting way, I will enjoy it. However, I do have an extremely soft spot for horror. I also have a problem with enjoying B-movies and Guilty Pleasures for the fun of it. So If you think my taste in media goes into the crap category sometimes...I don't blame you.

A bit of an aspiring writer, my other favorite past time is world building and creating characters. TV Tropes has both ruined and advanced my life. I'm on here on a daily basis, and every time I watch/read something, I'm on the look out for any tropes at all. However, I have been able to use this knowledge for good in my own works.

I also have a habit of keeping a list of works I feel needing entry pimping and pictures.

Pages that I have started up:

Pages I have heavily edited/pimped out:

Incomplete list of things I love (in no particular order):