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Tropers: Jasonwill 2
note: it's "jasonwill2", not "Jasonwill2" or "jasonwill 2" as the site likes to make it look like, it is actually as text not separated by a space but the dimensions of the characters make it look like that. Also it is not

Nor is it "jasonwill" or "jason will" or "jason will too", it's explicitly "jasonwill2" as my real name is "William" and my alter ego/true name is "Jason" and the two acknowledges this duality

Tropes applied to jasonwill2

  • Iron Woobie: After your post today, I think that title fits you perfectly. Though, you know, standing up, while always the right choice, may not be the best one. -Dealan
  • Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant: You admitted it, after all, and your signature proves it. - Snowfoxofdeath
    • Well, I must say, it is all very fascinating. -Jason

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