There used to be personal info here, now there isn't. What remains is below, as if that wasn't obvious. I'm not active on the site any more, so this page probably won't be edited again any time soon.

Have a good day.

[[folder:Series articles I started:]]
* CaptainSNES by proxy via forum, lost in TheGreatCrash, and finally restored by Tropers/ShayGuy. Thanks!
* {{Parodius}}
* TotalOverdose
* {{TAGAP}}

[[folder:Trope articles I started:]]
* BaguetteBeatdown, started and launched via YKTTW.
* EmbarrassingFirstName, started and launched via YKTTW.
* {{EMP}}, Started and launched via YKTTW. Most of the description was provided by {{Tropers/Kuciwalker}}.
* ForeverWar, started via YKTTW and filled out after launch.
* FryingPanOfDoom, started via YKTTW.
* InterstellarWeapon, started via YKTTW. Said YKTTW was made by {{Tropers/Kizor}}.
* ScrappyMechanic from someone's YKTTW.
* TheSameButMoreSpecific from someone's YKTTW.

[[folder:Other articles I started:]]
* CrowningMomentOfAwesome: CrowningMoment/WorldWarTwo, split off from CrowningMoment/WarAndPolitics because that is simply too much awesome to not have its own article.
* LaconicWiki: Laconic/FastEddie
* QuotesWiki: Quotes/BigRigsOverTheRoadRacing, and added the first quote.
* QuotesWiki: Quotes/BurnNotice
* QuotesWiki: Quotes/{{Gainaxing}}
* QuotesWiki: Quotes/PlotWithPorn
* QuotesWiki: Quotes/TVTropesForum
* TroperTales: TroperTales/PornNames
* TroperTales: TroperTales/PowerLimiter, made first example
* ShopliftAndDie: Used to be EasilyAngeredShopkeeper- I proposed and created the new name. The old one is now a redirect.
* TroperTales: TroperTales/TenMinutesInTheCloset, because someone had put their anecdote in the main article.
* TropeOnomatopoeias, started and launched via YKTTW.
* TroperTales: TroperTales/GratuitousGerman, made first example
* WhiteFrag: Was a name for ISurrenderSuckers that was proposed in YKTTW. I added it as a redirect because it's too good to waste.