Describe {{Iname}} here.

Where to begin?

I'm [[CloudCuckooLander Iname]]. You can call me {{Iname}}.

I'm in college, make music, draw, and [[TvTropesWillRuinYourLife Tv Tropes have ruined my life]].

!!So what does Iname associate with himself?

*{{Black Comedy}}: An encyclopedia of it, to boot.
*{{Cloud Cuckoo Lander}}: Taking this to {{Refuge In Audacity}} levels.
*{{Comedic Sociopathy}}: No one is safe.
*{{Cool Mask}}: I can make a ninja mask from a T-Shirt.
*{{Crazy Awesome}}: To be brief, I work at a haunted house, I play a bass and an electric guitar, and once, just to prove how batshit insane I am, I kicked a couch hard enough to break it. Both my foot and the couch.
*{{Cool Car}}: I've had 3 cars which were all nicknamed [[TropeMobile The Mortem Mobile]], since I wished everyone of them was a hearse.
*{{Evil Red Head}}: Yes, I'm a redhead, and yes, I have evil tendencies. One guy who called me a ginger had all of his bed things dumped into a nearby lake. [[RedHeadedHero But I'm not always that way]].
*{{Fiery Red Head}}: Subverted. Everyone I know thinks I'll act this way, when in fact I'm pretty down to earth. Except sometimes (see above).
*{{Lurker}}: Sometimes I'll sit on campus for a while just listening to people, [[BondJamesBond pretending to be a spy]].
*{{Mind Screw}}: Ask me what I think about anything metaphysical.
*{{Nightmare Fuel}}: At least when in costume for work, in which I play a cannibal hillbilly who tells jokes.
*{{Obligatory Swearing}}: Justified. I swear like an Irishmen because I'm part Irish. And Scottish. And German. [[OverlyLongGag And Dutch. And French. And Chinese. And Vietnamese. And Cherokee.]]
*{{Post Modernism}}: I seem to do this with everything I do.
*{{Red Headed Hero}}: Despite having [[EvilRedHead evil tendencies]], I'm pretty generous and friendly. Hell, sometimes I volunteer at a local daycare and play with the kids.
*{{Sarcasm Mode}}: A lot.
*{{Saying Sound Effects Out Loud}}: Which usually crosses over with {{Unsound Effect}}.