Ienjoypaste likes webcomics of all sorts, writing, and cooking. He is a huge dork.

His only published works so far have been in KnightsOfTheDinnerTable magazine and Dragon, the former a game review, the latter a collection of rules for card games within DungeonsAndDragons - yes, he created the rules for the official D&D variant of poker.

He tends to avoid TakeThat posting, preferring to find tropes not yet on the page, or to elaborate on the ones that are... but SomeAnvilsNeedToBeDropped, hence why the D&D page now has an entry for ScrewedByTheNetwork.

!!Tropes that Ienjoypaste is an example of include:

* {{Badass}}: [[BlatantLies Possibly the Most Triumphant Example. Really.]]
* DisabilitySuperpower: Having 20 kidney stones has made him ''immune to pain''. Okay, not really, but resistant. And he can tell exactly which analgesic you've injected him with within 30 seconds.
* ExpansionPackPast: Student, amusement park rep, massage therapist, freelance game designer, antique store owner, chicken salesman, radio board op/production assistant, [[FinalDestination moving scenery]], oil cleanup, disk jockey, tech support, and pharmacy technician so far. Oh, and he's working on a novel. Or so he says.
* LargeHam: Frequently.
* ShamelessSelfPromoter: Hence why he edits his own Troper page. That and the fact that he's just that bored.
* ThrowItIn: "IEnjoyPaste" was a typed outburst after 22 other e-mail addresses were taken. After the weird address wasn't taken, he decided to just go with it - and has kept it since, mostly due to laziness.