[[caption-width-right:320:[[ABoyAndHisX A boy and his 3in Ordnance rifle]]]]
->''[[{{BadassBoast}} "Great joy was expressed at our arrival and great things [are] expected from the Virginians and of consequence we must go through great fatigue and danger."]]''
-->-- '''Captain John Chilton, 3rd Virginia Regt, 1776'''

'''New and Improved!'''

Hotel Kilo is an amateur writer, college student, [[strike: [[SincerityMode totally legitimate DJ]] [[OverlyNarrowSuperlative on WCDE 90.3 FM]] ]] former DJ that fell victim to a format change, living history interpreter, and all around strange fellow from the western part of the United States' Commonwealth of Virginia. A hardcore reader of TV Tropes [[strike: for not even a year]] since he started college, [[TVtropeswillruinyourlife it has quickly]] [[CaptainObvious ruined his life]]. That was about the same time he began to be seriously interested in anime and manga (but more so manga since he is notoriously cheap and prefers reading anyway).

A life long history nut who can name all the US Presidents (first and last names) in order as well as all the states and capitals (and formerly possessed the ability to name every county in his home state), [[strike: he plans to make it his career by gaining employment with the United States Park Service as a ranger or historian]] he successfully attained a position as an intern at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park in the living history branch. While his primary interest is in military (see below) history, his interests do tend to stray anywhere vaguely interesting. Other fields include industrial, medical, architectural, aviation, engineering, computer, mental health, and railroad history. Loves abandoned/decaying buildings and building models of obscure aircraft. Is an admittedly hopeless yuri fanboy... not the same way all guys are, he promises. Hotel Kilo has been known to express interest in such things as mysterious craft and the supernatural, particularly those related to his semi-native West Virginia; i.e. the Flatwoods Monster and Mothman.

A longtime Philadelphia Flyers fan, he is [[strike:still mourning their loss to the Chicago Blackhawks in the 2010 Stanley Cup, but congratulates the 'hawks for winning]] totally over all that. Delighted to see the Bullies doing well in the Eastern Conference. There remains nothing but ill will directed at the [[UnstoppableRage Pittsburgh]] [[BerserkButton Penguins.]] Watches a lot of hockey regardless of living in the Pittsburgh television market, including the [=WHL=]. Other supported teams include West Virginia University athletics, trumped by the University of Iowa Hawkeyes in football, Los Angeles Dodgers (dating back to an age when he thought they were still in Brooklyn), Washington Nationals, and San Diego SUPERCHARGERS.

An Eagle Scout, he started as a Tiger in Cub Scouts and spent the next twelve years working his way to the top leaving him a cynical son of a bitch. One time Captain of his high school scholastic bowl team, he lead them to two district championships, a regional second place, and a disappointing finish in states partially due to [[BerserkButton outside forces]]. Hotel Kilo first started using the internet because none of his friends were nerdy enough to be into free form [=RPGs=] and the like while he was constantly dreaming up characters or concepts for adventures. Hes never looked back. Has too much time that extends to an obsession with the expanded universes of most series he watches (even if such a thing doesn't exist). Studies show that Hotel Kilo is a pretty chill guy who's more then willing to get along with/accept all sorts of folks. Except those who willingly spout incorrect historical facts.

May be troping too much now that he has looked up maritime case law to make an edit. Presently spends most of his time on the forums either in the RPG section or in forum games, but he is a regular reader of the Sky High Aviation Thread.

The username Hotel Kilo comes from the NATO phonetic alphabet, and is taken from a broadcast from the West German BND[[note]]Bundesnachrichtendienst[[/note]] numbers stations G16.

@/HotelKilo worked for the National Park Service at Harpers Ferry National Historic Park in the Living History branch throughout the summer of 2011 and will most likely be making a repeat performance in 2012.


[[folder: Interests]]
* Radio station station ID's
* Numbers Stations
* Old time radio shows
* Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcakes
* Slide Rules
* TV
* Obscure history
* Abandoned buildings

!! American Military History
** King Philip's War
** French & Indian War
** American Revolution
** Early Indian Wars
** War of 1812
** Seminole Wars
** Mexican-American War
** American Civil War
** Spanish-American War
** World War One
** Hypothetical conflicts of the 1920's
** World War Two
*** Naval conflict as well
** Korean War
** Vietnam
** Panama, Operation Just Cause

* Prohibition era to 70's law enforcement
* Civil Engineering history
* Vintage computers
* Rotary dial telephones
* Civil Defense in the early age, 50's - 60's
* Mecha Musume
* Warhammer40k
* B-17, Queen of the Skies
* Court TV
* Revolvers, older military weapons
* Military aircraft of all sorts and shapes
* Industrial buildings
* War games/"Toy Soldiers"
* Listening to the iPod

!! Videogames on Gamecube, Game Boy Color, PC, Atari 2600, or XBox 360
** Battlefield Vietnam
** Star Trek Armada
** Star trek: Elite Force
** Dawn of War
** Crazy Taxi
** Combat
** {{Pong}}
** Star Wars Rouge Squadron III
** Kirby Air Ride
** Medal of Honor Rising Sun
** Modern Warfare 2
** The Godfather
** Fallout 3
** {{Pokemon}} Red
** Driver
** Tanks!
** RainbowSix
** KatawaShoujo
** YumeNikki
** WorldOfTanks
** 50 Mission Crush
** Number Munchers
** MassEffect
** Emergency 2012

* American Coastal Defenses/Coast Artillery
* Star Trek: First Era
* OS-tan Collections
* Old postcards
* Alternate History
* Railroading
* "Other" Operating systems
* Military uniforms
* Pens and mechanical pencils
* Hockey, Philadelphia Flyers
* College Football: University of Iowa
* Soccer: Sheffield Wednesdays
* Military/Police/Stargate/Historical/Star Trek free form RPG
* Pickle chips (both actual pickles and pickle flavored potato slice version)
* Salsa
* Cheeseburgers
* The Dharma Initiative
* College
* ThatGuyWithTheGlasses

[[folder: Shows/anime/manga/movies/Webcomics/and CiaphasCaine (since almost none of his books are here)]]
!!Live Action Television/Movies
* {{SCTV}}
* {{Dragnet}}
* {{Gunsmoke}}
* {{Adam-12}}
* Emergency!
* LawandOrder
* LawandOrderSpecialVictimsUnit
* LawandOrderCriminalIntent
* {{Firefly}}
* {{Serenity}}
* CornerGas
* MysteryScienceTheater3000
* LocalHero
* [[JohnWayne John Wayne movies]]
* SuperTroopers
* JamesBond
* DavidLetterman
* BlackSheepSquadron
* FoylesWar
* ThePatriot
* KellysHeroes
* {{MASH}}
* StarTrek
** StarTrekDeepSpaceNine
* [[{{SeventeenSeventySix}} 1776]]
* BluesBrothers
* Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
* Apollo 13
* Operation Petticoat
* ToKillaMockingbird
* The Dish
* Strategic Air Command
* Gettysburg
* Mister Roberts
* Treasure of the Sierra Madras
* OBrotherWhereArtThou
* DrStrangelove
* BlazingSaddles
* BoondockSaints
* The Sand Pebbles
* {{Justified}}
* {{Stargate}}
* BurnNotice
* MysteryScienceTheatre3000

!!Modern Western Animation
* {{Chowder}} pre {{Flanderization}}. RIP
* PhineasandFerb
* FamilyGuy
* {{Futurama}}
* AdventureTime
* RegularShow
* InspectorGadget
* {{Catdog}}: More or less, childhood memory/nightmares!
* MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic

* AzumangaDaioh
* GAGeijutsukaArtDesignClass
* FlunkPunkRumble
* SaitamaChainsawShoujo
* StrikeWitches
* {{Hellsing}}
* Tasogare Otome x Amnesia
* StrawberryShakeSweet
* YandereKanojo
* {{K-On}}
* HaruhiSuzumiya
** And the genderbending too
* ReadorDie
* PumpkinScissors
* PuellaMagiMadokaMagica
* YozakuraQuartet: Needs more love!
* YandereKanojo
* {{Hyakko}}
* {{Saki}}
* You'reUnderArrest
* MyGirlfriendIsThePresident:
* Rui-Rui: Implied yuri and abandoned buildings, [[BandageBabe cute girls with bandages]]; nothing sounds more promising.
* Almost all the yuri Dynasty Scans put out
* A Channel
* StarshipOperators
* BibliothecaMysticaDeDantalian
* Durarara!!
* {{Nichijou}}
* BlackLagoon
* {{Ookami-san}}

* GunnerkriggCourt
* QuestionableContent
* {{Megatokyo}}
* Domminic Deegan
* SkinHorse
* KateBeaton comics
* Air Force Blues
* DovecoteCrest
* Whubble
* {{Applegeeks}}
* TheZombieHunters
* JackOfAllBlades
* TheFlyingCloud
* Dresdan Codak
* TwoKinds
* Head Trip
* {{Overcompensating}}
* Between Failures
* SecondGeneration

!!Western Comics
* Serenity: Those Left Behind
* Star Trek: Crew
* Star Trek: Lost Era
* Lost Squad
* Battler Britain
* Gary Seven
* BirdsOfPrey
* GreenLantern
* MetalMen
* CaptainAmerica
* Dilbert
* GetFuzzy

[[folder: Music]]
!! Favorites
* TomLehrer
* Old Crow Medicine Show
* TheClash
* {{Beck}}
* Acid Rock

[[folder: Contacts]]
AIM: bluegeminimol65\\
YIM: starfleet_7\\
irc.esper.net: [=HotelKilo=]\\
irc.canternet.org: Look for [=GreenDitch,=] Fallout Equestria Tavern\\
deviantART: [[http://cptlfrghtr.deviantart.com/]]\\
World of Tanks: Mysteriousoozlefinch

Other Sites:
* [[http://www.juniorgeneral.org/smf/index.php Junior General]]: Mysteriousoozlefinch
* [[http://ostan-collections.net/forum/ OS-tan Collection]]: Stewart Sage
* [[http://www.asylumprojects.org/index.php?title=User:Elkinsstatehospital Asylum Project wiki]]
* [[http://www.boardgamegeek.com/forum/388078/b-17-queen-of-the-skies/play-by-forum B-17, Queen of the Skies online campaign]]

* I can name all the presidents in order too...but only if I sing the {{animaniacs}} song. ~ @/{{Saraphyn}}
* It's always nice to meet another writer and a {{Haruhi Suzumiya}} (& the genderbending) fan. ^_^ --{{Tropers/Compassionate Sadist}}
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* OOZE actually is sort of an acronym. It's derived from Omega (one of my internet personas), wonderful lizard of OZ (another one of my internet personas) and hElloworld (yet another). When I joined TVTropes I finally mixed them all into one person. I have other internet personas [[RuleOfCool but adding letters from them wouldn't make such a neat name.]] -OOZE
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* Military guy, F-8 fan, and the original inspiration (and chief advertiser!) behind the whole Dusty running gag...yeah, you're awesome. --@/SabresEdge
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->Allwissend bin ich nicht; doch viel ist mir bewußt.