Tropers / Hotaru

  • I am a Contributor here at TV Tropes. ...Descriptive, huh? OK, gags aside, I'm a would-be novelist working on my first non-fanfic story. I've been a fan/author of {{Poke Girls} for over a year now, and a contributor here at TV Tropes for about 6 months. I appologize if I tend to shift between Net Speak and proper English, along with my tendency to shift between my normal human self and my Fursona. I'm an Anime nut, a knife collector, and a semi=cliche Nerd, I'm also, according to my fellow authors, most of which have high standards, Say I'm 'Pretty good'.

  • Tropes I've edited: Not many, just CrowningMusicOfAwesome and the PokeGirls pages.

  • Tropes that fit me?

  • AxeCrazy
  • ChivalrousPervert
  • SplitPersonality
  • CatGirl (My Fursona is a Fiend-type Panthress pokegirl)
  • Gag Boobs (Yet again, mainly with said fursona.)