So, this is my Contributor page. Probably needs something on it. Like how I'm a big computer geek, or how I tend to [[SerialTweaker tweak things after I submit them]], almost to the point of being a NinjaEditor. Or something like that.

!Pages I've launched:
* ''VideoGame/SlimeForestAdventure'': Yes, I'm trying to learn Japanese. No, it's not going so well. No, I can't confirm whether or not that Japanese tattoo you have actually means what you think it means.
* ''Literature/PayMeBug''
* ''Literature/{{Curveball}}'': Well, I didn't actually launch this one, but it was just a stub that hadn't been edited in a year when I found it, so I'm claiming it anyway.
* ''Webcomic/{{Curtailed}}''

!Vandalism section:
I guess I'll jump on the bandwagon and put up a section for others to vandalize.

I'm your first vandal! -@/{{Diurnal Brocolli}}

(And the last one, too, since people can't edit other people's pages any more.)