I'm Gecko here, but most of the time online, I go by Lupine Pyrefly, or just Lupine.

I've got a thing for [[http://community.livejournal.com/hxh_icons/7123.html#cutid1 tarot]] [[http://darlingfox.livejournal.com/56958.html cards]], I don't think ''QuestForCamelot'' is nearly as bad as everyone says, and I've been working on ''DarthWiki/{{Midgreen}}'' for the past couple years, and it never stays consistent.

Started the pages for ''TransformersArmada'', ''TheChroniclesOfAncientDarkness'', and ''{{WALL-E}}'', with ''{{WALL-E}}'' being the only one I actually wrote the description for.

Tropes that apply to me:
* ApologisesALot
* AttentionDeficitOohShiny
* BlueEyes
* CutenessProximity
* FragileFlower (I spent my 10th grade year like this. Thank god it stopped.)
* FriendToAllChildren
* GranolaGirl (At times)
* HairOfGold (Mebbe)
* HiveMind (Starting to wonder if my friend and I are developing one.)
* KindheartedCatLover
* NeutralGood
* OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent
* SweetTooth (Yummy.)
* YoungerThanTheyLook (My sister is five years younger than me, and I've been mistaken for her ''mother''.

Yes, I'm getting Geico adds popping up all over the screen.

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* When it comes to family, YoungerThanTheyLook especially hurts. I've had people think I'm my sis's father, and there's a 12 year age gap between us.

So who exactly is this Ash guy? I'm interested - {{WorstUsernameEver}}
* Could you elaborate?