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Shantari: I'm sorry that you can't actually be a nice, likeable guy
Garg: Really, I'm only an asshole when I am right, and you are wrong.
Shantari: You are always an asshole.
Garg: My point.
—Real conversation with Shantari Extanu

Hello everyone! I'm Garg.
My blood type is AB+.
I am 176 centimeters tall.
I weigh 74 kilograms. My three sizes are... wait. That's right, not an idol, oh well. One can dream.

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I enjoy playing games of the RPGnote , RTS, Turn Based Strategy, and Puzzle variety. I also enjoy games of other genres, but I fall short in the area of twitch-based skill, and tend to prefer strategic thinking games.

Here I will log interesting books/movies/anime/games I have finished, since Summer is coming around and I will have much more free time on my hands, I would enjoy suggestions if anyone has any, and I may get around to adding a proper page for works that lack one. (I've noticed Greg Iles has little documentation)

    Books of Interest