My name is GG Crono, and my anti-drug is TV Tropes. [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife Because I no longer have time to do drugs.]]

I'm a big fantasy/scifi nerd. My favorite author is TerryPratchett, and my favorite book is GoodOmens.

I'm crazy for MelBrooks movies, my favorite of which is {{Spaceballs}}.

I'm also a big fan of console [=RPGs=], with some personal chart-toppers being ChronoTrigger, the {{Earthbound}} series, and some of the more recent ShinMegamiTensei games (namely, [[ShinMegamiTenseiNocturne Nocturne]] and Personas [[{{Persona3}} 3]] and [[{{Persona4}} 4]]). Having grown up with the {{NES}} and {{SNES}}, I'm also rather fond of the better class of old-school 2-D {{Platformer}}s and {{Metroidvania}} games, especially, well, {{Metroid}}.

Also, I launched the following work pages...

* BarkleyShutUpAndJamGaiden
* DesktopDungeons
* [[JaysJourney Jay's Journey]]
* TheLifeAndTimesOfBullyDemise
* {{Nightside}}
* PatchworkHeroes
* PatchworkChampions
* SweetHome

...and also these trope articles.

* GlassCannon
* InterruptingMeme

I also once started a YMMV for ClusterBleepBomb (under that same name) which got lost in the shuffle. It later got a successful one. I'm just happy to see it troped, really.

And that's all I have to say. Or is it? ...yes it is.

->"Don't mind me. I'm just saying stuff."
-->--Lloyd Irving, ''TalesOfSymphonia''