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Tropers: Forceflow
If you are reading this, the Rebellion has succeeded. I gave my life to obtain this incomplete dossier on the individual known as Forceflow.

Forceflow is an anyonymous version of the Voice with an Internet Connection. He has been in touch with individuals in numerous circumstances, often declining to reveal his true identity.

Interested in all things nerd or geek, and adding more and more as he trawls the depths of TvTropes for more and more obscure information.

Most liable for adding tidbits of information concerning various topics. He's a huge fan of tabletop rpgs, and anime, manga, and comic books.

Specifically a fan of any and all of the following, but not an exhaustive listing:

Tries to remember to read first, edit second, but has been known for natter before The Great Purge.

Picture representing said individual not likely to be forthcoming because of his anonymous nature. Further information will be provided as soon as possible.

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