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Describe Febel here.

Whoo. this should be...interesting.

I am a male troper, aged 18 years, with dirty blond, arrow straight hair and Blue Eyes. Average height, skinny build with the muscle tone of a rubber band. Apparently fairly handsome, or would be if I stopped absentmindedly picking at scabs on my face.

Greatly enjoys reading, specifically humour, sci-fi and nonfiction. Hasn't watched actual TV in months though is constantly torrenting various tv shows and anime. Big fan of video games, mostly RTS, RPGs (east or west, I like both) and first person shooters. Also very fond of UK culture, television, history etc.

Politically is libertarian with liberal views on most of those big issues in America (you know the ones)

personality wise I'm very witty mixed with stoic and a Deadpan Snarker. This has led to people not realizing I'm joking when I make snarky comments which tends to lead to a perception of me as a Jerkass.

I have ADHD and a writing disability so if my posts or examples seem...ill formed, there's your reason right there.

I have been addicted to this site for nearly a year but only started contributing in the last month or so. I read all the instruction articles on the site but still don't entirely get it so if I screw up or make a faux pas, I'm sorry and please, PLEASE tell me what I did wrong. One of my biggest fears is that I've been doing something wrong for years but no one has had the guts to tell me...

So far I've contributed quite a bit to the article on The Saboteur and small amounts to the articles on Borderlands and Jame's Cameron's Avatar. Scratch that I've become a true troper, contributing to pretty much everywhere.

Ahh...right the username. "Febel" (pronounced like "fable" but with an E) has a odd and convoluted story behind it. I'll go backwards: 1. Febel is a contraction of the german word Feldwebel 2. Feldwebel means "sergeant" 3. shhortened form of sergeant is "sarge" 4. Sarge is what most people call me in RL stemming from the fact that it sounds almost exactly the same as my surname, which is what pretty much everyone else calls me.