Hello. Is this supposed to be where I introduce myself? Oh, well, I'll do it anyway. I like to be known as Fearmonger online, because when I came up with that name as a teenager, I had a fantasy about being so awesome people were afraid of me. Now it's stuck.

I like VideoGames, and little else. Not much to do here in Perth, Australia. Not much else to say about myself, other than that I'm Autistic. Which is commonly believed to be a mental disability, which is [[UsefulNotes/HighFunctioningAutism inaccurate]].

!!Tropes describing me:

* CloudCuckoolander: I go on a sort of WikiWalk in my own brain all the time. This has led me to figure out things such as which of the [[SuperMarioBros Mario brothers]] would get a [[GreenLantern green lantern ring]] first (Luigi, and not just because he wears green).