Tropers / Ellen Hayes

Ellen is an arrogant elitist CrazyPrepared person who has done little of note. She is, however, tolerably skilled at proofreading, which is 2/3 of what she does (in a productive sense) while roaming this site. Speling and bad grammer is a specialtee!

One of my dream jobs is the (nonexistent) person in Hollywood who can force directors and producers to re-shoot film where the Hand Waving or Techno Babble was really awful (or nonexistent).

I don't think I'm that smart... until I deal with random people; then I realize I am a super-genius, stuffed full of both pure facts and the indexing and comprehension necessary to use them. If I had more money I'd be a Mad Scientist.

Ninja Editor. Also a Serial Tweaker, but I'm reforming... *points to bruises and swellings*

Lumper vs. Splitter: Indexer!

Shipping Preferences: "Line you perverts up like cans, watch me crush y'all." -- Soul Hat, "Bonecrusher"

Sub vs. Dub: On DVD media, producers should do both; there's room.

A truly astonishing amount of crap written by this person can be found at The Saga Of Tuck. Get a life, wouldya?