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Well, ok, if you insist.
Me? I'm just a geek, nerd, spaz, dork, etc, etc, etc. I love Anime, Western Animation, Comics, Fantasy and Sci-Fi, and to a lesser extent Video Games. I hope to be soon inducted in my first Tabletop rpg (I has dice...and they are awesome dice...).

About time for an update, after all, two years without change. =P Lets see now....

Some of my favorites:
{{AvatarThe Last Airbender}}, Law & Order:SVU, The {{Dresden Files}}, The Anita Blake series, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, both books and movies, The {{Discworld}} series, especially any of the books staring the Watch.


{{Big Bang Theory}}

R.A. Savatore's Drizzt Series

{{Warren Ellis}}

{{Neil Gaiman}}

{{Good Eats}}

{{Mercedes Lackey}}

{{Simon R Green}}

More as I remember them. ^^

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