{{Donteatacowman}} is a person of drifting fandom, but is currently interested in ''DannyPhantom'', ''ThePhantomOfTheOpera'', and YuGiOh, as well as several other fandoms.

She was lead to this site by one known on the ''Kim Possible'' chat boards, Ronstoppable dot net, as "Troper", or "[=RedBlueGreen=]". (He ironically was lead to the ''Kim Possible'' fandom because of its many links here at TV Tropes.) Troper [[TVTropesWillRuinYourVocabulary linked to this site constantly]], and Donne ([[SecretIdentity as she is known to her friends]]), as an [[MostFanficWritersAreGirls amateur author]], had to check it out. She found that, despite [[ClusterFBomb some crude language]], this was a high-quality site that has since [[TVTropesWillEnhanceYourLife benefited her]] in her writing, watching, and reading.

Donne is a BrainyBrunette, a Christian, a [[PickyEater vegetarian]], and a budding [[{{Supervillain}} villain]]. She has accounts at [[http://www.fictionpress.net/~donteatacowman fictionpress]], [[http://donteatacowman.deviantart.com DeviantART]], [[http://donteatacowman.livejournal.com/ Livejournal]], and [[http://www.fanfiction.net/~donteatacowman fanfiction dot net]]. She enjoys reading, writing, [[EvilLaugh laughing evilly]], [[PaleSkinnedBrunette hiding from natural sunlight]], [[SuperOCD correcting]] [[RougeAnglesOfSatin spelling]]/[[GrammarNazi grammar]] mistakes, [[EvilPlan plotting]], chatting to peers online, keeping personal information secure, wearing her [[BlackCloak swooshy black cape]], [[SuperOCD washing her hands,]] and other such [[PetTheDog beneficial activities]]. She is only now getting the hang of editing these pages, so please forgive her if she [[SerialTweaker clogs up the editing pages]] with [[ProximalErrorProbability minor corrections of her own mistakes]].