Um...welcome to my contributor page.

You can usually find me editing video game pages, or on the Forum Aside from that, well, there's little else I can say.

[[folder:Vandalisms here!]]

[[spoiler:Did you look or did it open for you?]]

* What a cute plushie you have there. His smile is gorgeous. @/{{Tomodachi}}
* I do say, can I vandal here? ~@/{{Rockonman}}
* Greetings from fellow Indonesian! @/ArmoredFury
* The faeries come to destroy things! - @/StolenByFaeries
* Thank you for trying out my forum game,so I will spare this page. Mhua ha ha ha-Tropers/XiphosOrochi666.
* PKD is dead, alas. -the ''[[@/{{desdendelle}} I Kid You Not]]''
* [[ Do a Robo-Roll]]-Tropers/XiphosOrochi666
* Uh... 'Sup? -@/{{Art|emis92}}92
* Welcome your overlord and emperor.-Tropers/XiphosOrochi666


[[note]]There was once a [[NightmareFetishist cute]] doll here...[[/note]]