Hello {{TVTropes}}!

I'm a 24 year old {{Knight In Sour Armor}} from Croatia, {{New Meat}} to the site and hopeless {{World Of Warcraft}} addict. [[InsaneTrollLogic I've been 40]] before I learned [[TerryPratchett "oral sex" does not mean "talking about it"]]. I stopped [[IsItSomethingYouEat chewing furniture]], but it seems nobody wants to adopt [[DeadpanSnarker this troper]]. (Lonely member of the tender gender, [[RefugeInAudacity aged 16-32]], [[NerdsAreSexy into]] [[GeekyTurnOn World of Warcraft]], [[ItMakesSenseInContext killing people]], [[YouBastard animals]], [[KickTheDog eating their babies]] and [[CrossesTheLineTwice and skinning them for profit]]? I'm your guy!)

Anyway, my interests/favorites include:

* {{Airplane}}, and the Sequel.
* {{DOOM}} & DOOM II - [[NostalgiaFilter brings back memories]], especially Skulltag DOOM II days. Anyone remember Alien Vendetta? Scythe I & II? Memento Mori? Invasion UAC series? The list goes on...
* {{Dragon Ball}}: Z up to the Buu saga.
* {{Epic Rocking}} - just about any hard rock, and heavy/thrash metal gets my ears ringing, my head banging and my blood boiling!
* {{Full Metal Jacket}}
* {{The Green Mile}}
* {{Gundam Wing}}
* Little Big Adventure, especially 2
* {{The Matrix}}: Huge fan of the first movie.
* {{The Naked Gun}}, all three (or rather, 33 and 1/3?) of them. R.I.P. Leslie :(
* [[RaptorCallOfTheShadows Raptor]]
* See No Evil, Hear No Evil - aiming to add a page about this movie, but still new to TVTropes. Anyone willing to help out?
* {{StarCraft}}: Brood War, and more recently [[StarCraftII the sequel]], though not as much as the original.
* {{ThreeHundred}}: Watching this movie fills me with {{Testosterone Poisoning}}, {{Manly Tears}} and makes me want to play my [[ScreamingWarrior shouting]], [[FoeTossingCharge charging]], {{BFS}}-wielding warrior. But, the DK usually does the job.
* {{Wolfenstein 3D}} and Spear of Destiny were awesome back in the day
* [[WorldOfWarcraft World of...]] [[AttentionDeficitOohShiny didn't I mention this?]]
* {{Zeliard}}. [[SeriousBusiness Wrote a book on this one...]]

Tropes about myself:

* {{Arson Murder And Jaywalking}}: I live this trope.
* {{Badass Long Hair}}: Somewhat shorter now, and [[IWasQuiteALooker well...]]
* {{Berserk Button}}: [[NotSoStoic Good luck]] finding one. [[SchmuckBait Go on, try]]. But when someone does on occasion, [[UnstoppableRage run]]. Usually related to poking me about a [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/UsefulNotes/AspergerSyndrome ''certain condition'']]
* {{Broken Bird}} / {{Troubled But Cute}}: Depending on your point of view.
* {{Brutal Honesty}}
* {{Buffy Speak}}: Prone to this due to trouble [[AttentionDeficitOohShiny concentrating]], usually caused by The Voices in my Head (aka: large amounts of random, unrelated thoughts swarming me no matter how focused I'm supposed to be on what have you).
* {{Cannot Spit It Out}}: A rather weird form of it. More like, Cannot Start a Conversation or Meet New People. I simply have no idea what to say, nor what's appropriate/a good idea to say. By the time I intend to spit it out, I have no problem doing so.
* {{Crosses The Line Twice}}: Take something I say/do. ''ANYTHING'' I say/do. Especially [[AcceptableTargets my choice]] of [[DudeNotFunny sometimes out of line humor]].
* {{Deadpan Snarker}}: Very, '''very''' guilty of this.
* {{Does Not Understand Sarcasm}}: I can and will dish it out; I do understand it, but generally fail to ''recognize'' sarcasm and humor in interaction. Sometimes responsible for [[NoSenseOfHumor certain misconceptions]].
* {{Face Palm}}: Usually on the [[EpicFail receiving end]] [[CannotTellAJoke of this]], but I do it whenever I [[HeadDesk cringe]] as well.
* {{Geeky TurnOn}}: Guilty on so many levels. Geeks, especially those sharing my interests/field of cognition immediately appear twice as interesting. Females double in attractiveness, friends become twice as trustworthy, and conversations actually become INTERESTING. [[NerdsAreSexy Oh well]]... [[OneOfUs Where do]] [[EngagingConversation I sign?]]
* {{Gratuitous Latin}}: My RL nickname comes from a croatian idiom translated to latin... [[WhatAnIdiot Which does not have a figurative meaning in that language.]] Thankfully, it was not my idea, and it's a circumstance of {{Rule Of Cool}} which I adopted. What do you mean, it's not awesome? (Not the trope)
* {{Hell Bent For Leather}}: Usually does not apply to pants, but jackets whenever possible.
* {{Incredibly Lame Pun}}: Guilty of this as well. Most of my characters are/were named this way, winner goes to UnstoppaBull, my [[ALoadOfBull Tauren]] Blood DK.
* {{Jade Colored Glasses}}: Regretfully. I was always nostalgic, but recently that has been taken {{Up To Eleven}} with changes in my life and mind, among other things.
* {{Memetic Mutation}} / {{Verbal Tic}}: I regularly spout memes/quotes in conversations, which would be cool if I wasn't Croatian. Thankfully, mostly happens in ONLINE conversations, where at least speaking english isn't an {{Epic Fail}}.
* {{No Social Skills}}
* {{Not A Morning Person}} / {{Sleepyhead}}: Partially due to insomnia. This makes my every working day pure hell.
* {{Refuge In Audacity}}: I love to see the looks on people's faces when I spout something ridiculous / outrageous, because [[CaptainObvious I'm not serious]]. I mean [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold no harm]] though; hell, I'll even snark/tease a drop dead gorgeous girl (even about her appearance) for a little fun/defrosting if I can fish out that jaw drop/baffled look.
* {{Spikes of Villainy}}: My Killers.
* {{Stalker With A Crush}}: Occasionally. I guess it's fitting for a Rogue to [[TearJerker love from the shadows]].
* {{The Snark Knight}}: I don't ''hate'' people, per se (well, except [[BerserkButton loud/annoying children]]). That said, I do usually feel {{Surrounded By Idiots}}, and quietly moan about it. But nothing is spared from my witty remarks, not even [[SelfDeprecation myself]] or people I genuinely [[BitingTheHandHumor respect/rely on]].
* {{The Stoic}}: Usually, and especially so in my 'earlier years'. However, all it takes to [[GibberishOfLove negate years]] of [[NotSoStoic mental discipline]] is [[StockingFiller a pair]] of [[ShesGotLegs long legs]] (heaven help me in case of [[FetishFuel stockings and/or high heels]]), or a [[CutenessProximity ridiculously cute]] [[AudioErotica voice]].
* {{What Is This Thing You Call Love}}: Lately I find myself too broken at times to appreciate/understand the concept/purpose of romance. {{How The Mighty Have Fallen}}.
* {{Wise Beyond Their Years}}: At least in the past. But I was '''always''' ''serious'' beyond my years. Anyone here pondered about God, life, the Universe and everything... At age 7? [[CreepyChild Sigh...]]

In-character Tropes (mostly WoW characters):

* {{Accidental Pervert}}: I should stop mentioning that I need to [[AccidentalInnuendo do it from behind]]. [[ItGotWorse It gets worse]] when I back it up with statements like "the frequency of applying my ''poison''", or such. [[LuminescentBlush Oh, go die in a fire!]]
* {{All Blue Entry}}: [[http://www.wowhead.com/user=ChickNourish My Wowhead profile]]. Pure art.
* {{Awesome But Impractical}}: What my Blood DK amounts to. Made of Iron, but lacks control, mobility and can generally be outmanouevered by almost anything. Has trouble killing anything with good healing/kiting capabilities. However, simply being there and bashing something is awesome enough for me to overlook this flaw.
* {{Blood Knight}}: Blood DEATH Knight, actually. And all I need is a hammer, and [[WhenAllYouHaveIsAHammer a skull to bash]] for the rest of my life. My [[MeaningfulName "Blood Bath"]] arena matches feature [[TheresNoKillLikeOverkill two]] of these (which means we can [[BeyondTheImpossible HELP each other]] [[UpToEleven healing]], as if that's necessary), usually engaging the other team as [[RuleOfCool two duels]], and enjoying it immensely.
* {{Crowning Music of Awesome}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/user/Lykoskia My Youtube material]]uses this. Particularly in the Blood Bath vids, I insist on reuisng Money for Nothing. The song is awesome itself, but listening to the lyrics slightly metaphorically, one can't help but imagine them sung by the enemy team lamenting how overpowered what we're doing is, and thus how easy it is to win (and get currency and gear associated with Arena).
* {{Curb Stomp Battle}}: I tend to do this to people with said character. And this tends to happen to me when fighting an [[OhCrap Elemental Shaman]].
* {{Gradual Grinder}}: Both Rogue (DoT-based sustained damage) and DK (hitting it is like hitting a brick wall; me hitting you is like you getting hit with a rubber toy).
* {{Gratuitous Greek}} / {{Theme Naming}}: More like ''BUTCHERED'' greek. My rogue is named Lykoskia (Lykos + skia = [[RuleOfCool Shadow Wolf]]) and my DK (now that he's no longer Tauren) is named Lykosaima [[ThemeNaming (Blood Wolf)]]
* {{Master Poisoner}}: My rogue.
* {{Mighty Glacier}}: DK. I may not move very fast, but I'll eventually get my hands on you, [[DragonBall or maybe my feet]]. And when I do, you're dead. [[GradualGrinder Eventually.....]] (To be fair, with the recent removal of [[ObviousRulePatch Vengeance]] from PvP, now it's more of just a slow {{Stone Wall}} (type: Berserking) than a Mighty Glacier.
* {{SideEffects Include}} My rez macro: "Wasting (amount) mana on (target)... Side-effects may include: Nausea, dizziness, vomiting, [[BreadEggsMilkSquick erectile dysfunction]], loss of apetite and [[BeyondTheImpossible death]]. [[RuleOfFunny Please consult your healer before dying]]."
* {{Solo Class}}: Main reason why I love playing BDK. Crowning moment was when I actually soloed half of an entire battleground team, ''twice''. With a little help from our faction boss. We ended up winning a hopeless IOC game thanks to it :).

[[IncrediblyLamePun Troper Namer]] is a [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portmanteau portmanteau]] of damnation and domination. This is also the name of my priest, although my rogue is my main, and death knight my {{PvP}} [[CurbStompBattle god of death]].


This space is for you fellow tropers. Anything goes, but please be nice :). /dami out