I'm a Scot (hence the [[ThisIsMyNameOnForeign Gaelic spelling]]) who watches far more television than is good for me. Most likely to add examples from {{Discworld}} (it's [[EntryPimp my ambition]] to get a Discworld reference for ''every'' trope), ''DoctorWho'', ''RedDwarf'', ''StarTrek'', and assorted ComicBooks, WesternAnimation, and {{Sit Com}}s, some of which I'll [[GuiltyPleasures deny I watch]].

I also know more {{Disney}} stuff than I ever had any desire to (both DisneyAnimatedCanon and DisneyChannel), due to having a young neice.

Works I created pages for:
* ''TabletopGame/DiscworldRoleplayingGame''
* ''WesternAnimation/DogCity''
* ''Literature/FamilyBites''
* ''Radio/HamishAndDougal''
* ''Podcast/HouseToAstonish''
* ''Series/TheLikelyLads''
* ''Series/{{Leonardo}}''
* ''Literature/TheMeaningOfLiff''
* ''Fanfic/TheTaleOfWestalaAndVilltin''
* ''Literature/{{Terra}}''

Tropes I created pages for:
* Just PanickyExpectantFather. I've a habit of starting [=YKTTWs=] and then forgetting about them.