Troper who stalks the database, adding whatever may interest him.

Also is a CrossOver fetishist for his {{Fan Fic}}s, he's only written one story in his lifetime that ''wasn't'' a crossover. Ahahahaha. Started with Pokeymanz, went to KH, works primarily with crossing over MahouSenseiNegima. Yes, I know it's strange. [[ Stop laughing]].

Behold his latest and greatest! [/Dr Robotnik]

Major Active fanfics:

* [[FanFic/DisgaeaGehennasHolyQueen Disgaea: Gehenna's Holy Queen]]
* [[FanFic/IAmNegimaAndSoCanYou I Am Negima!?, and SO CAN YOU!]]

Current contributions so far:

* FairyTail
* [[ WMG:Mahoraba]]
* DespiteThePlan
Added some minor things to other places.