[[SelfDemonstratingArticle Describe Cybergman here.]]
[[color:white: Creator and ruler over all audionics.]]

{{Cybergman}}, despite his name, is not part cyborg. Sorry to disappoint. He is, however, [[BlatantLies a perfectly]] [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial normal]] [[HumanoidAbomination human]] [[EldritchAbomination being.]] Despite his completely normal leather [[HammerSpace tr]][[PocketDimension en]][[TeleportCloak ch]][[BadassLongcoat coat]]. He does have one made from cloth, that happens to be similar to the one used by [[DoctorWho a particular]] [[HealingFactor immortal]] [[TorchWood captain]], but that's just because it's [[WorldWarII WWII]] era military surplus.

Other than that, he's just an [[OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent ordinary high school student]], who ''may'' be a [[WarmBloodbagsAreEverywhere sanguinarian]] [[OurVampiresAreDifferent sometimes]], with [[BlatantLies perfectly ordinary friends]].

He's also an actor, techie, and writer.