Salutations! I am [=ComputerSherpa=]. I was raised by missionaries in the wilds of Siberia. I've recently finished off a four-year tour with the US Air Force; now I'm attending the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in Denver. I like sci-fi, stories, and shiny things. I feel most at home in vast, coherent fictional universes, such as that of StarTrek, [[StargateVerse Stargate]], MassEffect, and AvatarTheLastAirbender.

* Wrote and launched RadioVoice
* Launched OnThree
* Started the work page for OperationFirebrand
* Major rewrite and expansion of DianeDuane's page

This troper provides examples of:
* KnightErrant
* NeutralGood
* NiceHat

Message me on [[ Twitter]]--I love meeting tropers! I'm also on Steam (as [=ComputerSherpa=]) most evenings (Mountain time, UTC -7). I have a [[ LiveJournal]] which is dying a slow, neglected death; [[ my deviantArt page]] assures me [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder that's not my fault and I should probably just move on]].

If you desire to vandalize my page, I have designated an area below for you to do so. How convenient!